All the bugs and exploits we've encountered


I thought we as players may use thread for write down all the bugs and exploits we encountered on game, and which one has solved which hasn’t yet. Maybe we can help Devs via this tread because I don’t believe they aware of every bug that the game has. Also it can help common players who do not use those exploits or spend hours in forums to aware those bugs and avoid to do those or avoid the ones whom doing those. I will not write down how to use the bugs so some people wouldn’t be learn from here how to exploit. Also you may write the temporary solutions for bugs to help people that suffers from a bug.

Hatchet bug: You get 3x damage with hatchet
Bow bug: Sometimes arrows just pass through the foes and poison cloud doesn’t apply unless it directly hit.
Compass bug: Sometimes, after fast travel, compass doesn’t show the nodes on the surrounding.
Sold bug: When you sold an item during a fight, you can’t see your skills. Can temporarily solve by opening inventory and closing back.
Item perk bug: Sometimes an item may not work properly as it should be. Can temporarily solve by unequip the item and equipping it back.
Recall house bug: When recalling house, you’re starting in a bug where you fell into the stairs etc. (At least for my stone-staired house)
Trade post-crafting table bug: Sometimes you get kicked from the crafting menu while you’re trying to press something.

Those are my encountered bugs.

They are well aware about bugs, posts sits in general discussion longer than they should be, hatchet bug is game breaking bug and still exists for god know how long, i heard amazons looks for 175 new employers, lets hope their working speed will increase, because they doesnt
t take actions until there is insane big problem like dupping or trade post bug.

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