All the server downtimes, trading post disable etc etc

All of this is a disaster, especially for a game that ALREADY losing massive amount of players every day. Downtimes, server unexpected closures, trading post disable for DAYS ON END etc, has made even the players who like the game to not play anymore. Everyone is either quitting or kinda waiting for the game to get sorted so they will play again, but it seems that the game is in a temporary maintenance stage all the time, is never ready…

I personally am casual but love the game and I play as much as I can, but all this issues going on that dont allow me to decorate, trade, do this do that… make me instantly log out and play something else.

So, AGS you have bad decision making Im afraid. Losing players who constantly complain, give up or dont like the game as much is normal, but now you even lose players who actually like the game regardless. You literally forcing people out of the game, even the ones who loved the game, like me.


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