All this hate on people upset about gating conent

People have every right to be upset about gating content… gating content essentially devalues your time. Don’t understand why a person wouldn’t get upset… How do you feel about the cost of groceries? Gas?. Of course your going to be upset shit you might even quit and look for something else and it’s totally understandable. Let me give you some examples of gating in real life… what if they raised the age to draw social security from 64->80 that’s basically gating content think there would be outrage? It’s basically government gating the age to retire b.c they want you in the work place longer…inflation in general is basically gating content b.c you have to work more to end up with the same reward… but this form of gating hurts casuals more then anything the weekend gamer who hops on on the weekend to try to grind out what he needs be one thing if he could only put a few hours in every now and then it’s a different story for ppl who can really only play 5-6 hours one or two days a week dragging out his experience substantially. Gating is bad for games that and forcing players into content they don’t want todo two of a handful of big reasons people are sick of wow

Any time you try to compare things in a video game to real life to try and make a point you have failed. None of this has any tangible value or meaning and thus is irrelevant to real-life examples. It is pixels on a screen.

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I don’t know why, but there are always people on video game forums that have this overwhelming desire to assert (what they think) is their own superiority by trying to make other people feel stupid for playing a certain way. I really don’t understand that mentality, but that’s where all this is coming from. People simply can’t just understand that other people are different, want to play differently, or have different experiences in a game. It’s such narrow minded thinking and it’s extremely frustrating because you’re never able to get through to them because they’re either trolling, or they have no social intelligence.

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QQ QQ nahhh raising retirement age is basically same thing… your dungeon master wants you to stay “in the game longer” so you can’t quit working… it’s lameee

Yeah, I agree.

They do it that way to drive daily engagement. That matters for games that have a lot of store revenue as a part of their overall business model, because like any retail operation the more often people are exposed to a chance to buy things the more often you make sales, so you want to maximize the likelihood that people will log into your game every day so there is a chance, that day, they will buy something in the store.

Every game that harps on dailies and similar daily time gates has a store that is important for revenue. Certainly true for Genshin, and also even for a game like WoW, which has maintained healthy revenue despite a shrinking playerbase for years now due to store sales, which are helped by keeping daily engagement numbers up by means of designing the game around daily chores. New World devs already said that 2022 will have more things in the store (we can assume boosts will be in there, too, because the “promise” was only ever no boosts in 2021), and so New World as well has an interest in driving up daily engagement to drive store sales in 2022 – so in a sense this change, which is clearly intended to make the game more about dailies, is “just on time” for a ramped up store in 2022.

The problem with this approach is that loading up too much with dailies risks having the opposite effect. That is, if people miss a few days or a week of dailies, they start to feel like they are so far behind that they may as well not log in … and so they don’t. Blizzard tried to address this in WoW by having weeklies, but that seemed to only compound people’s frustration at the time-gating. It frustrates people who want to play mostly in 1-2 sessions per week, because that doesn’t suit the game company (less chance to sell you something if you’re only logged in two days a week ,even if those are longer sessions), and also drives people away who think that it isn’t worth playing if they are behind X number of days in dailies. In New World this will be extremely the case, because if you don’t play each and every single day, you will fall massively behind in expertise to the point where you’re not endgame viable.

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