Alliance Cities (WW / EF)

So I’ve seen a lot of posts saying that the companies who own EF and WW are controlling the economy in their respective servers. Also, the settlements outside just don’t seem to get a whole lot of love.

I present, late night 3am gaming thoughts (Disclaimer - I’ve never been part of a company that’s owned territory):

  • Everfall and Windsward turn into white territories owned by the “Alliance” (from the story)
  • Workstations are capped at tier 3, but there is no listing price for AH
  • PVP quests in the faction vendor are replaced by “Corruption Quests” that scale with level
    ----- These include: missions for portal runs in different zones, assassination of Corrupted Bosses in the game, securing areas and surviving waves of Corrupted Enemies trying to push you outside of that area
    ---- Again, these scale off of level, so early on you’ll have lvl 25 portal missions, and lowbie bosses, etc - then at 60 you’ll have SM, EB, Reek, etc and Elite bosses

WW and EF will still be central locations for trading and corrupted activities,
BUT all the other territories will now have incentives to raise workstations to T5 and actually get attention.

This is really a response to some of the more malicious companies who just price people out of everything because they can - I know another territory could be the new hotspot, but this at least encourages people to actually visit Weavers Fen or Restless Shore if they have T5 stations.


Feedback appreciated!


Yeah the game needed a neutral capital city. But its too late now, damage already been done.

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