Allow ALL Jewelry to slot new gems

At present we have a messy affair where to put can swap gems on some jewelry (old amulets, rings, earrings etc), but not on others (crafted, champions etc)

With new Runeglass gems coming in brimstone stands please can we address this beforehand by making it so that gems can be changed on all jewelry.


Big Bump, only have an old ring while my amulet and earring are crafted; has been a long standing issue since launch, definitely needs to be handled before the new Runeglass gem addition comes into Live.

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Yes please, currently i think its okay because it makes dropped jewelry more valuable (as it should be imo), but once this patch comes out it will be annoying if i need to get new jewelry just to use the new runes

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I’m not sure when they made this change, but I seem to be able to slot gems in my Champion’s (Arena) trinkets.

actually you are right, i forgot they made that possible in a recent patch, so it looks like it’s mainly crafted jewellery which needs “fixing” now.

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I mean it is just fair to be able to swap gems on jewels since new gems are coming up in the game and will basically change a lot of things for builds.
Imagine, people spent money on a BIS jewel and now new gems are coming in the game that changes everything, and you have a BIS jewel but you can’t change the gem on it…
So what we should spend more money on another jewel just to keep up with the new meta ?

Please AGS make gems swap possible on jewels before Brimstone sand comes out.

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@hoaraihen I am in that exact situation right now. Bought an Amulet for 80+ k on Trading Post yesterday just to realize I cannot swap out the gem inside :(((( makes me want to quit the game. After so many hours invested and grind spending 80k on an item that does not fully work makes me feel robbed tbh :((

DEVS Please for the love of NW show some love and fix the darn trinkets !!!

you cant put new gems to jewels but still they have to change crafted jewelry system u should be able to replace gems.


You start crying before you even know if it’s possible or not. Jeez. You can’t put runeglass gems in Jewelry ok?


Well i agree, healing on gems is nach maybe if it will be in all gear this 7 % can make diference

you have sooo many hours spent in the game, surely you should have known already that you cannot swap gem on crafted jewelry. :smile:

The runeglass gems can only be slotted into armor and weapons, not jewelry

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You are so wise maybe you can tell me which item on the trading post is a crafted one and which one is a dropped item (random roll) Because my mate bought similar Amulet with same perks and an empty socket on which he can slot any gem. So yeah enlighten me please @mmmmarl how do I tell which one is which ?

Is that true? I thought you could slot on all?

@Relentless_Turnip sadly it is TRUE. This issue had been in the game since beginning. Here is a link to another thread I made in which I described and showcased how you cannot slot in another gem in the Amulet I just purchased.

No I meant can you not slot a runeglass into a jewelry piece?

Yes, this needs to be done, and I am sad that it has been over looked for so long.

But I like Nature resist in my “Chain of Zane”…wait, what am I saying…NO I DON’T. Big +, let me put in a pristine pearl!