Allow companies to challenge their faction for ownership of territories

There ought to be a mechanic for intra-faction territory swapping. Faction politics get stale with some companies holding on to valuable territory and able to position themselves as territory holders “for the good of the faction”. There’s no real recourse for the faction to unseat an unworthy owner, other than way for an opposing faction to take a territory.

This would also add a fun level of politics within the factions… That company that thinks their hot stuff… now you can fight to be top dog.


I think that the idea of factions was either not thought out thoroughly or what because you are stuck with toxicity in the chat of the whole faction bullying one company in their group and no switching factions would not help either as the toxicity issue is in all factions. The game should change the faction quests to company quests imo

New World’s experiment with giving players control of Settlements is a failure on many fronts, creating more problems and blocks than it’s worth.
Many issues, including this one, can be completely bypassed by completely removing all player influence from Settlements.

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