Allow realm transfers now please

Open up server realm transfers . You just released tons of new servers but who wants to go thru all that BS of releveling. Allow transfers now.



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Yes please! We all have characters started, and don’t want to start over, but we can’t actually get on and play.

Both nights, folks got home from work and had queue up and wait is 3-5+ hours, so can’t actually play together.

Being able to distribute existing characters to the new/low pop servers would actually allow us to play.

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I’ve gotten most of my Trade skills over 50 and my main level is over 22 now. My server is full of griefing, harassment, and general stupidity - I want to be able to transfer over to another server my friend is on where their faction isn’t fighting amongst themselves and setting taxes 10x. I just want to focus on crafting and trading in the market, then to put together a cozy home.

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Hell dude I have my Logging at 130!! And I can’t play… and I am level 23…
I have no intention to redo all that progress… I am beyond frustrated.

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