Allow Sturgeon Trophy and Major Fishing Trophy to be placed


I grinded for the Sturgeon trophy not only for decoration purposes but for the bonus although the decoration is my main motivation. I now just found out that you cannot have them both in the same house. That’s just annoying since it’s an event item and should be allowed to be placed together.

Having them not allowed to be placed together pushes us to either farm for EXP only or farm for rarer fishes and if we want to switch it up either way, we’ll have to go back to our house and rearrange the trophies. Please allow us to have them both stack on each other, since the afformentioned issue is more of a QoL and honestly it’s very annoying. Please consider this, thanks.

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If you are max luck, fish 3 star hotspots, and use the luck trophies, you will gain more xp than if you use the xp trophies because the increased xp you get from legendary fish (550) is better than getting 30% extra xp but fewer legendaries.

325 event foods that give you bonus xp is a far better investment than the 3 trophies.

Even still, fishing xp /aptitude crates are essentially useless anyhow, with the only valuable thing being fishing clothing patterns.

Tbh I’m not really interested in the EXP gain, my main gripe is not being able to display the trophy at the same time use my other fishing trophy for you know, fishing. It’s a really pretty trophy and it’s just freaking frustrating that I was looking forward to display my achievement and then face something like not being able to use both. I don’t even care for the xp bonus.

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Yeah, I’m mostly complaining that there isnt even an in game benefit to using it.

Yeah hopefully they fix this

I have contacted AGS support regarding this issue but with not luck.
I said that I was not warned prior to purchase either on the item description or the shop that the new fishing trophies did not stack with my current rank 3 fishing trophies and asked for a refund of the tokens spent.

Here is a copy paste of the conversation.

You are now connected to Luis Antonio from

Me [6:15:44 PM] : Issue: New World - Technical: Something Else

Luis Antonio [6:15:56 PM] : Hello, my name is Luis Antonio. I’m here to help you today.

Me [6:19:36 PM] : G’day I recently gained enough premium tokens to purchase 2x “Special Aeternum Sturgeon Fishing Trophy” for 10 premium tokens each during the Medely Faire in game event. I have been unable to use the new tropy in my in game house as it appears to not let me use it while having the normal fishing luck trophies allready on the walls.

Me [6:19:36 PM] : I was unaware that these items did not stack as it is not mentioned on the item or when i purchased the item.

Me [6:19:36 PM] : As such id like to request a full refund of the 20 premium tokens for the 2x “Special Aeternum Sturgeon Fishing Trophy” that i purchased but can not use

Luis Antonio [6:21:14 PM] : I understand the situation scope, but none purchase made inside the game is refundable

Me [6:21:55 PM] : how were we to know that the trophies from the store wouldt not stack?

Me [6:22:44 PM] : it seems to be a bit mis leading if there is not at least a warning to players that these trophies will not stack with the normal fishing ones

Me [6:23:43 PM] : i would wager that many players have bought and may yet still buy this new trophy thinking it will stack and without warning will end up like myself having wasted all my event tokens on 2 items i cant use

Me [6:24:27 PM] : if this is indeed intended to not stack by the game devs then id like them to warn players as to not waste tokens on this item

Luis Antonio [6:25:28 PM] : I understand what you said, and the reason for your request, I can get your feedback and give it to the developers

Me [6:26:24 PM] : is there any chance that an in game GM can remove the two trophies from my account and grant me the tokens i wasted on this item that i cant use because i wasnt warned that it wouldnt be useable?

Luis Antonio [6:27:01 PM] : You still can use the trophies, if you remove the other ones

Luis Antonio [6:27:18 PM] : But the refund are not allow in any item inside the game

Me [6:28:43 PM] : yes but what if i wanted to use both at the same time? this was the reason i purchased the items so that i could use all my fishing trophies and gear at once during the event. But because the items or the in game shop do not mention that they are not able to be used simultaniuously its caused this issue

Luis Antonio [6:29:59 PM] : Yes, I understand that you are see this like a issue, in my opinion is more a choice, I can take your comments to our developers

Me [6:30:14 PM] : inm only a casual player and get on a couple hours a day before work and have saved up the tokens over the last week or so to get these trophies only to now be told that all that effort was a waste

Luis Antonio [6:31:24 PM] : I understand that, but we don’t refund the items, because if we refund your tokens we have to start refunds all the tokens from other users, and for that is this answer

Me [6:31:29 PM] : yes please let the devs know this is indeed very frustrating ill be copy pasting this chat into the forums to make sure others know not to buy these trophies if this is the case

Me [6:32:59 PM] : thank you for your time

Luis Antonio [6:33:45 PM] : Thanks for your comprehension

Luis Antonio [6:34:42 PM] : May I have help you with other situations ?

Me [6:36:11 PM] : no that is all thanks

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Bump please let us use this, you already nerfed the yields of the fishing event AGS!

Yeah just really bad game design I bet they fall under their Fishing category in the ID bucket that’s why you can’t place both.

Hopefully this is a oversight because otherwise it would just be stupid not allowing both of them at the same time.

Basically makes a limited time event trophy useless considering 3 star with luck trophies gives more EXP.