Allow the ice pylon to be unsummoned by the player

Forget the bug with the cool-down, this is not about that. Other threads exist.
I’m asking for a fully functional Ice Pylon as it is meant to function to also be dismissable when I want it. Then it starts it’s normal cool-down.
There are occasions when the Ice Pylon survives the encounter and then I want to move on to the next room or mob or a little further ahead. I want to be able to DISMISS my Ice Pylon and not have to wait for the entire duration of its life, which can be prolonged with the traits in its line.


If it’s not destroyed you just can’t use it again. I noticed this as well. And was almost obliterated by another mob on a 20 second respawn timer.

Can you attack it yourself to destroy it? I thought it was possible but now that I think about it I wasn’t paying close enough attention to confirm.

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