Allow Trading In Dungeons (Expeditions)

I’m not sure who on the dev team thought this was a good idea to not allow trading but I think this is something that needs to be removed.

I really don’t see a benefit of not allowing players to trade between each other and giving each other items like pots or what not to help each other.


Please remove bind on pickup (BOP) in general. Or at least in dungeons.

I guess we can use WoW for example, though I don’t care for the game but I’ll admit the dungeon system works.

In WoW, items that are dropped inside the dungeons are ONLY tradeable to players who we’re inside the dungeon and also the trade expires after a few hours or so.

If there’s a reason why we aren’t allow to trade in dungeon please give me a good reason why so I can understand the system better.

These are just my thoughts please add to them.

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