Allow Transfers from Fresh to Legacy servers

Can’t find 1st announce, but I am sure they wrote 6 months or forever. But you know how it’s usually is … plans can always be changed… we will see. For now there is no point to consider this.

Ah and when ?

Why do you want to control where other people want to play? Are you seriously that scared of legacy servers? If a FSS character wants to go a legacy, then let them. It won’t “taint” your precious fresh start server.

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he is scared

Are you pretending you didn’t say that the purpose of a FSS is to create their own new community?

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No, but you see there’s a difference between saying a fact and advocating for something.

You see I don’t care how you play the game, I’m not on FSS servers and I don’t even see the interest of them. But they were made to make like the classic fashion of other games to attract new player and create a new community.

Now, I’m just saying a fact. I don’t advocate forn anything.

To me you are defending rather than saying the facts tbh.

lol some guy posts about wanting to xfer off a low pop fresh start server, and all the haters and doubters rejoice. You gotta love the forums man. Contrary to beliefs fresh start servers are doing very well, the game still goes over 100k concurrent users every day even TWO weeks after fresh start launched. Remember the game was supposed to die 5 days into fresh start? Yeah, about that.

Not gonna lie, Medea isn’t the highest pop fresh start server. it peaks at around 1700, which isn’t bad honestly, but it does seem fairly low activity during the daytime. But you would expect some fresh start servers to end up in not the top tier population spots right? Esp if Medea happens to be the designated alt server for many large companies.

In case people don’t know how some people utilize alts in New World. There are “raid loggers”, they login for Wars, and logout to play on their main server whatever their main servers are. Maybe Medea got the short end of the stick as a raid log server for some alts. But no, stop with the I told you so crap, you guys were all wrong about fresh start server’s success lol.

What is your position then on “the purpose of FSS is to create their own community”?

So you aren’t advocating for them having their own communities?

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I don’t get your question, but as I’m not an english speaker, may be there’s a point i didin’t get. But again creating a new community around FSS is the purpose of the launch of fresh server by AGS.

But I’m not advocating for anything… I really don’t see your point. But when Blizzard launch WoW Classic it was to rebuild a new community, the same way for old school runescape. That’s the purpose of the fresh start servers for AGS, it’s just a fact.

Saying that is not advocating for anything…

Do you advocate for this separate community from the rest of the new world community?

May be my english is not correct, but no … But asking 3 times the same question may be hoping a different answer is kind of weird…

Well it took that many times to clearly get your opinion on it. You saying it wasn’t the same as advocating for something doesn’t really state your opinion, just that you were acknowledging a distinction.

I think having a separate community only causes division and was not the purpose of FSS. FSSwere to allow new players to advance with other new players. Not to create a separate community for all of time.


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yep its a smart decision.

Stay off of our servers with that tainted FSS character.

If we can’t transfer to fss you shouldnt be able to transfer to legacy.

But dont blame me, blame ags for splitting the same exact game into two.

I started a charachter on FSS and now I want to transfer to Legacy to play with my friends, is there any updates on when we can transfer out FSS to legacy?

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