Allow us to craft sword with sturdy!

We already have several weapons that drop with the sturdy passive, including some swords.

However, especially the swords, they have a very low drop rate and are quite mediocre. Allow us to craft our own swords with sturdy, this will make life much easier for tanks, both in pvp and pve.


they acctually remove that from most weapons in the future.

i saw this change on magic weapons only, did it happen with melee weapons too?

Sturdy on sword is nice for tanks. I can get behind this suggestion.

Sturdy, plagued crit, refreshing on sword combined with:

Fort shield rush, sturdy fort and refreshing on shield for nice build.

Any other ones you can think of for 500 con tank?

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Thank you for this feedback @Malva I will send this suggestion on. I also want to invite you to join the new discord server. Here is the link. We will be taking feedback/suggestions there.

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