Allow us to reset Territory Standing once

I am sure this topic has been brought here many times but I haven’t seen any official statement about it yet.

Me and most of my friends started to play this game on the first day it was released. We didn’t quite know about what the Territory standings are useful for and as everyone else, we spammed XP Bonus so we could level up faster.
Now at level 60 these bonuses are useless. I am sure that many other players have randomly chosen these as there were barely any tutorials, guides etc. about using these efficiently.

I’d suggest to grant all players a one-time territory standing reset opportunity.

I’d also love to hear your opinions about this


Alternatively, AGs could also make lev 60 repeatable to get rewards for leveling up. Perhaps get a Gypsun gem every time you lev up to “61”

Tho I believe the standing reset will come in the cash shop later.

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So you took advantage of xp to level up faster than people who took more long lasting things and now want to get THEIR advantage now that you’ve used yours to temporarily get ahead of them? Yah nah imma call BS on that.


No clue what that reply is supposed to mean?
Some people level their territories by what they’re going to do in them. If you’re going to farm mining, you’ll want to upgrade gathering speed as much as possible. If you’re going to be crafting, you’ll want to upgrade crafting fee as much as possible. Some people move out of those territories and want to reset them so they can use it for something else.

Not sure why you have a snotty attitude over a suggestion but I can tell you’re a very loving person!

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They should transfer the XP bonus to the trade skills so they continue to help with expertise.

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Kinda aggressive there, bud.

There should be some method to reset it like there is every other thing in the game.

I would be fine with some complex quest or item creation.


If Weapon Respec cost Mana and Attribute cost Gold… why not
500 Azoth and 1000 gold to reset a territory standing with a week long cool down. I mean we are taling 5500 Azoth and 11K Gold to do a full reset of all territories

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