Allow us to upgrade our house with more storage for cheapest house

There is this 5k house in Windsward I really like. it is right next to the center area, it got a nice balcony that I can chill with my friend. the house look very nice from outside too. it look like the best looking and designed house for both location wise and artistically

the only down side of this house is 5k house. which mean I can only add one storage chest. i would like to have option to upgrade myself to match 20k house (maybe I can pay 15k and increase property tax to match 20k house?)


yes, I agree

That sort of defeats the point of making it the cheapest house?

Perhaps the feature you want is to be able to sell or swap your house for a bigger one?

but i like this house, i don’t mind the higher cost. but i would like to use this house instead of other one

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