Allowed minimaps

They allow all the overwolf minimap overlays atm.

I wouldn’t use programs like others have suggested that don’t run on overwolf because they probably aren’t whitelisted by EAC.

Show me where Amazon said those were allowed, lol. They specifically said that minimaps that only use player location are allowed, and that minimaps that pull data from resource map websites and the like are not allowed and still bannable.

They said overwolf is okay, and all overwolf overlays pull this static information.


Everything is whitelisted on Overwolf, else, new world wouldnt allow it nor Overwolf themseves. I know because from a company standpoint of view, why let products being sold when its not allowed and will or could cause legal issues, especially with amazon? Now who wold want that. Another thing is, do not listen to no one on these forums or in game about such topic because these are internet warriors that dont care of helping but themselves even with their opinions. Thats a huge issue with PvP games these days.

So I do hope you just give those addons a try and if not, I gave you a link to a browser version that uses no user in game data. YOull just have to manuelly add your own routes.

Please dont bring him in here with that, last thing we need is someone else coming to this thread and ruining it for an innocent question.

To the best of my knowledge the Overwolf minimap addons that have significant download numbers are fine - they are even referenced in the devblog when they discuss what they will not ban.

There is one that is newer with only a few thousand downloads I would avoid.

I personally use the Aeternum one and have had no issues.

The mini-map can:

  • Show player position
  • Show folks in group as we do on compass
  • Only show node placement if they’ve unlocked that node via tradeskills, provided it is within the range that compass would display them.
  • Only show AI that you’ve unlocked via tradeskills as compass and within range of compass.
  • Show quests as they do on compass


Is there an overwolf map that doesnt break these rules? It seems impossible because overwolf cant know what you should be allowed to see based on your skill levels without pulling more information than your location from the game.

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I took it off :slight_smile: Prob still got the notification though. :thinking:

NW’s statement remains ambiguous. What we know is that they green lit overwolf, regardless of what the overlays do.

Based on how EAC functions and since Overwolf is already whitelisted, NW has no way of telling what overlay a person is using. They would need to either block Overwolf as a whole, or allow it as whole.

They’ve already stated they aren’t going to be banning anyone without a warning (so this is an implication that it’s acceptable at this time).

They also said by Dev Rich that they would take action at disabling before penalizing (so you’d have to try and bypass the disable for an action to occur, not something that would happen with the default utilization of Overwolf or it’s overlays)

Unfortunately it’s most likely going to stay this way. :woman_shrugging:


They also said OVERWOLF need to comply not you, you can use overwolf until they block them for not following their rules for the time being it’s allowed.


Does someone have a link to where the devs said that all Overwolf addons are whitelisted? I think this would help answer some of the questions we have.

No one said ALL but here ya go Overwolf - Final Answer : newworldgame (

Thanks so much.

Aeternum I believe it’s called.

You will need to manually select the nodes that you are allowed to track.

I don’t think it has any functionality to show party member locations.

A developer posted here that they would black list Overwolf before they would start banning people, essentially making it so the game won’t load with an addon running.

Considering over 300,000 people have downloaded one of the minimap addons I don’t think they can really risk banning players instead of the app.

No but I can show location which is fine due to the fact its coordination’s are relative. It does have a function to show party members also however, its for grouping/party play and is non-harmful. You can also copy the location and past it for others to see as well. This tool is really a nice addon to have. I dont see where others get off thinking its a bad thing. I can see if the dev of this addon had intensions to make this a bad thing but, looking at his codes, nothing was bad and the unofficial API’s were used as should be which is allowed in the ToS for Addons.

Yeah that’s all over my head. I didn’t know it had a group share function. Good to know.

If the developers had given us the ability to place permanent markers and make notes on the in game map I do not think I would use a minimap addon.

As it stands the way the nodes are in dense clusters then broad empty spaces then dense clusters, it creates linear pathing and choosing familiar routes if you rely on the compass.

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Reach out and speak to him. I am sure they are usually open to suggestions. lol We normally are.
Post a Suggestion · lmachens/aeternum-map (

Why is this unfortunate to stay that way ?

Just use it, who cares? If they ban you don’t cry about it.

The entire point of using a minimap is to see the map data. Without it, they are pointless.

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