Alloy us to place all trophies and select which are active via bio menu

Please allow us to place all trophies in our homes and select via the Bio menu which ones are active per house. This would be a huge QoL change and make switching trophies in and out for dungeons or harvesting/crafting so much more friendly.



Thanks for the suggestion regarding trophies, sunny_clifton! I’ll get it to the development team for you. I remember another thread had similar suggestions for trophies quite a while ago, and we’re always looking for ways to improve the mechanic.

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Also I don’t want to seem like asking for a lot but it would be best to restrict trophies to ONE type of each per house and remove the 5 trophies restriction overall.That way we won’t have to worry about which one is available or not.

Thanks for the additional feedback, LeMechant! I’ve sent that one to the development team.

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I’d go one step further and convert trophies into wearable charms, much as pins or trinkets, you can have them all in your inventory and swap them on the fly with a limit of, I don’t know, 5?
This houses trophies stack is weird and we still have no clue on how the game math works, and we are pretty sure things such as luck are not working when overstacked, or as someone suggested, if you don’t equip your gear top to bottom, it won’t work, such as resilience or luck.

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that defeats the 1 of like 3 reasons to even own a home.

other two being out in the field tp
and extra storage space.

im fine with trophies being a home item

and no limit except one per type per house would be best.

also gives people the option of using it for decoration which is a very underutilized thing.

not that decorating means anything but i enjoy it.

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Yea, that’s a valid point, I had a dumb idea.

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