Almost impossible to declare war for small guilds

It is almost impossible to decalre war for small guilds. Big guilds (200+ people) just create 10+ small guilds and spread among them. Then they make influence with all of this small guilds and declare war on each of them. In such situation small guilds has almost no chance to declare war.

Possible solution is to make guild reenter cooldown for ~7days and make requirement to have ~70-80% of guilds members in you army. In sych it will be not possible to spread among newly created guilds to make influence and then reenter you guild back.

@Kay @Luxendra Pls make game playable for small guilds …

small guilds won’t stand a chance against the 200+ people whale guilds anyway, why bother trying, lol. You either make your guild bigger or live with it. It’s like saying "oh, I am poor, but other people are rich, I want to be the same as others, so can you make others not as rich, and I am gonna stay poor, loool

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If there will be guild reenter cooldown and percentage requirement for war, they could not make 10+ guilds.
So seems you are a member of such guild.

It’s not even declare war problem. 50-60 people could hold all map by just creating 5-7 guilds and set different war time for each of them. And then switch between wars.

This doesn’t sound like a bug or an exploit.

This is actually a design bug, not game bug.

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