Alpha Tester Title

I don’t seem to have my Alpha tester title.
Anyone else having this issue?

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Yes me too, I have the email from June 2019 -

As an invited New World Alpha tester, we will be providing you with a unique in-game title representing your early support. We will email you directly with instructions on how to claim it when we get closer to launch. Thank you, sincerely, for all your support, time, and energy. New World would not be possible without you.

Same here. I was thinking that the “Expedition One” title was exclusive for Alpha Testers but I was wrong. So where’s the Alpha Testers title? Or maybe a costume? I’m almost sure that devs sayed to us that alpha testers will get some special stuffs.

I also do not have the Alpha Tester Title, its Aeternium Discoverer, my friend whom i played with got his. Anyone receive an update or info on how to acquire this after the fact?

I submitted a ticket.
No response yet.
That was a couple of days ago IIRC.

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