Alpha title for 2018 tester

Hi, I was a part of the 2018 alpha test which was on the amazon game client. I don’t have the alpha title we were promised as alpha testers.

I’ve already contacted amazon support two times.
1st time I was told to submit “feedback” via ingame button.
2nd time I was told to uninstall both the game and steam and then told to contact steam support. (This makes absolutely 0 sense)

Obviously neither of them have actually worked.

Is there anyone who can actually help?

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I’ve had the exact same issue. I contacted live support 4 times to no avail.

  • First I was told it would come with time.
  • The second guy left the chat as soon as I told him the problem.
  • Third time I got the same guy as before and he just left the chat again.
  • Final try I was also told to submit feedback in game, which I then did, but I don’t see that doing anything.

Is this referring to “Aeternum Discoverer”?


hey same here! Hopefully this gets done.

Hello folks!

Same here, Goon from the 2018 alpha

Same; concluded they were not giving it to me because I took time off/away. (shrug)

Since all the other threads are closed due to inactivity I’m gonna add my name here aswell. Also missing Alpha Title from participating in the first alpha wave

Gonna push this one, maybe one day we will get an update from AGS

Another month, another push in here. (Keep topic from auto-closing)

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