Alright, I'm sick and tired of this character movement

The constant feeling like you are sliding around ice is infuriating. Even worse, any movement abilities like fleche will just send you flying. Its god awful in any fight as it makes trying to hit enemies a tedious process as you just skate around.
This game used to be fine and didn’t have this problem. I firmly believe that when they made the current default movement speed the old sprint speed it messed with everything. Having your character go essentially into full sprint for every minute movement is just terrible. There needs to be a regular movement speed between stationary and full sprint to give it proper transition. They need to bring back the shift to sprint system they previously had in place. Why they changed this in the first place doesn’t even make sense.


This skating bug has been highlighted during beta and I thought it was already addressed. Apparently, it seems like it didn’t or at least it was then it went back again as I did experience this quite often after the most recent maintenance.

This is not the only problem, even the falling animation while moving down through stairs is not fixed. There are also jittery /rubber banding movements when climbing/mounting/ vaulting on boulders, fences and sloped terrain.

Another one is also the trees, plants and ore nodes that gets bugged after interacting with them wherein you can’t harvest anything. This has been prevalent as well recently.

I would have expected that this has already been sorted out by now as they were old problems mentioned before the game was launch. I hope the devs address this optimization issues progressively (maybe doing small game patches) as it can really be an annoying experience to have while playing.

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