Alright no pvp update , sadly is time to say goodbye

Sadly me and the majority of my guild are leaving, we come for new world expecting to have an pvp mmorpg that can be called home but seems that they pick a side…

Like everyone know the pvp is dead in that game, is just the boring opr with the worst pool of items possible, and wars with a terrible siege system where the defender team just need to body throw inside the point and do nothing… We were waiting some update together with the dungeon Mutation system but 0 …

No leaderboard for open world pvp, decent reward system with named items for open world pvp, redesign the faction quest system, no arenas, an way to progress exclusive through pvp, no nothing, just a shity mythic+ from wow, if i want that i go wow or ff14 , it s so hard to understand? You just choose the easy way, more instanced content for pve, and you will create an dead open world game…

See you people , at least made new friends and quite enjoyed the community

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Ive done a lot of PvP in MMOs and New World PvP is among the worst. And there is no update for fixing it. It is just plain bad.

Stick to PvE, which is actually better than many other MMOs, and once that gets boring, just move on. PvP will never be good in this game.

Never will stick an mmorpg because of pve, and i can say already did more then 100 lazarus , genesis and i m not using any dungeon item, the ones i need simple doens´t drop, so it s pointless in my view and much more profit selling keys and buying bis items from the store…

I do Lazarus and Genesis, not for the drops, but because it is the only challenging PvE content in the game. Rest is just open world crap, which you can Zerg while watching YouTube.

It’s clear they don’t want to do any real work understanding why people don’t like the underlying systems, but just want to push out new systems hoping it will keep the existing players playing… even though they lost 90% of their initial player base due to all sorts of issues.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say they were pushing out everything they ever planned and then will just put this game on life support or hand it over to Valofe.

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yup, im out aswell, this wa such a disapointing update

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if the d-syc doesnt get fixed this update me and 50ppl of me company are done here all hardcore pvpers and pvp is unplayable atm

Yup, that’s how it feels to me as well. They introduce these stall tactics and timegate everything because they can’t push out enough content. Feels like they are hedging their bets on developing further, and seeing as they have a history of pulling the plug (RIP LotRO incarnation) I have to wonder where this is headed.

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