Alt Character Problem

I think some new measures should be introduced to maintain the balance between servers in the game.

Alt characters negatively affect the health of the servers and increase the umbral shard sale on the servers.

At the same time, they break the balance of war between companies and take up space by war-logging despite not being loyal to companies in wars.

Solution suggestions for the alt-character problem;


  • Cross-server processing of players’ war cooldowns

  • Simultaneous siege timers

  • The addition of entering a war with another non-steam to the TOS.

  • The requirement to spend a minimum of 2 hours in the game in order to enter the war.

  • In-game MMR system and players can enter wars according to their level.

I hope you see my feedback !


I don’t agree with your assumption that having ALT characters negatively affect server health.

I think every suggestion here is terrible.

What I have noticed recently is actually there are not enough players in the game and companies are not even getting war declared on them.

You got some companies with 4 territories and zero war declarations.

I also see a lot of dead wars 50 v 10 because companies don’t have players to defend.

Putting development resources into implementing these suggestions is a waste of development time because it does not solve the core problems.

They are making it so Alts on the same server aren’t able to do multiple wars. You have to pick and choose which character to play on. So they are trying to tackle the alt problem.

This will make a difference for some players. Loads of people have multiple characters on the same server due to all the merges over time. This won’t stop multiple steam accounts.

Your suggestions are just not good. People who bought the game twice and play on different accounts have the right to do so, even people who have 1 steam account and 2 characters on different servers have the right to do so. Everyone can technically do it. Trying to take that away from them more than it already has is dumb.

Wars are a serious problem the game has to fix. The way they are designed are flawed. It doesn’t really matter what AGS does unless they completely overhaul them, players will figure out a way around it or just less wars will happen than now and the game will die even more.

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fresh servers are not fit for purpose. This
Due to players coming from old servers, they removed new players from the game on these new servers. Those who kill the new servers are the players passing through the old servers. At the same time, many pvp players in barri have sub-accounts on different eu servers. they wage war on each server and kill the servers. If the sub-account problem is not resolved, there will be no fair pvp environment in this game.




I think the lack of replies on this thread show how much of a problem this is.

Alts and war logging just aren’t that big of a deal.

There are many more pressing issues when it comes to wars and territory control.

People don’t write about wars anymore because almost everyone who enters wars has alt-accounts and they don’t want it to be corrupted.

Speaking for EU, there are alt accounts on every server except the Asgard server, and even if I can enter the war roster, many of my friends who play with me cannot get the roster right because there is a big level difference between them and the alt accounts.

In this case, my friends can either improve themselves, which is a huge waste of time.

Honestly, I don’t know, I guess everyone has given up hope.

What percentage of war participants would you reckon are on alt accounts?

The problem with war and territory control isn’t alt accounts at all.

They are just a small symptom of the major issues regarding wars and territory control. Which has been improved upon already and needs further improvements also.

In major wars, this rate is close to 50 percent.

What server are you on?


Ah ok.

Is a problem in NySa because NySa is largest. And alts gate content away from other players due to mechanics of siege windows and declaration.

On my server we have half the size and nowhere near as many alt accounts.

The bigger the server the more motivation people have to use alt accounts for the territory gold.

On smaller servers there is less motivation. People tend to use alts just to play in more wars. Not for territory gold. And as such it is less frequent.

I haven’t been in many wars recently but in the wars I participated in I can honestly say 90 percent of the players I recognise. You see the same names in the same groups. These aren’t players who just warlog to get territory gold.

On smaller servers alts just aren’t a big deal at all.