Alternative to Fresh Start Server (Semi-Extreme ideas)

I like the idea of a Fresh Start server - but I believe it has too many flaws.

I’m not here to discuss Fresh Start server flaws, but instead here to propose an alternative that may be a bit extreme / anger those who have maxed out on normal servers…

1. Level cap increase
2. Gearscore cap increase
3. Gold Inflation
4. Crafting skill cap increase

Level cap increase:

  • Make level cap 70 now.
  • New gear will start dropping for lvl 61+ that is above 600gs.

Gearscore cap increase:

  • Make gearscore 600 items drop at lvl 61, increasing up to lvl 70.
  • Umbral shards will be used for over 700 (or be reworked).

Gold inflation:

  • Existing gold needs to be worth less - so we need a good method to farm gold in the new update.
  • I’m thinking something from 3x-10x gold generation we currently have to successfully inflate the gold.
  • Will have to adjust all gold default values in game and increase gold cap.
    This is the most controversial change but it’s the only way to fix the damage from this kingmaker town system in my opinion.

Crafting skill cap increase:

  • New materials to craft New tier of items (Tier 6).
  • A way to farm lower tier mats from higher tier monsters (lvl 60’s farming lvl 33 beasts all day is a bit tired at this point.
  • Make it easier to reach previous tier (current 200 skill level).

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