Am i missing some critical information concerning PVP?

Hi, I am a fairly new player. Played for about 200hours when game came out and about 250hours now since Fresh Servers started. I always play with PVP on becouse I enjoy it. But coming back to the game now I feel like I am missing something major and Guides telling me “Just get Resilient on your gear OMEGALUL” aren’t really helping.

I play Medium Greatsword, Warhammer. Whenever I do arena or other pvp content, 90% of the time its very one sided. Either they have no chance, do no dmg and I can kill them in 4 hits. Or I dont even have a chance to do any dmg before I die.

  1. Why are some players literally immortal? Many times I hit someone who is just running. Not dodging, not leeching, not healing. I hit them 3 times for 800 and their HP bar doesnt even show up.

  2. No attacks land at all, the hits that go thru them do no dmg even tho they arent dodging. Stuns hit, do dmg but dont stun them.

  3. Cant catch up to anyone. I get into 1v1 with someone. The moment they realize they have 5% hp they just turn around start running and I cant do anything about it. Path of Destiny that staggers them and slows them by 20% and gives me 15% movement speed boost isnt enough, Relentess Rush with GS +20% mov speed perk isnt enough. Just cant catch anyone once they decide to run. Which makes it even more annoying since most people run Hatchet, so they just proc their invicibility and run away.

  4. Some people just do so much dmg that I cant even finish melee swing animation before I die. I run 200cons, 5x Resil, 2x Shirking fort. I get 3shot by bows and firestaff before I can even get to them, oblitirated in less then 1 second by blunderbuss if I get near them.

So basically what I am asking.
Is it Desync?
Are there some immortal stun immune consumables or perks I dont know about?
Is the difference in gear between 600ilvl with 2perk gear and max geared player so high that I stand no chance?
Is my build (medium melee) just suppose to loose to every ranged build with equal gear?
Are people RMTing for BIS gear or using exploits?

Will I get better and understand what is going on if I invest thousand more hours into the game?

thank you

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2 perk is fine, but you want armor to 620 and weapons to 625 at least or you will definitely feel the difference. People like to say oh it’s only a few % but you feel it, hard.

They are likely popping a oakflesh balm.

3v3’s fuck your game up. You will start de-sync and stuttering after just a couple matches. Need to restart game often when doing 3’s.

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The HP bar on many opponents is not moving because it only starts dropping under 10k health.
Every HP above is not “inside” the healthbar.

Another big thing imo that alot of ppl miss out on is builds.
Yes everyone got a build for PvP but there are skills and things that are better for 1V1 or Arena than it would be for War´s or OPR.
Reap from GA is a good example, which is absolutly amazing in small scale PvP and OPR but is barely used in War scenarios.

You definitly don´t need BiS items, as those also vary between how and what you play.
If you start enjoying a weapon setup and armor loadout stick to it for as long as you can and you will start to develop a feeling for when to dodge, eat hits, run or block.
Also which other weapon types and loadouts, skills are dangerous for your playstyle and which you can easily counter.

You don´t suck at PvP, you are just not good yet.
Give yourself some time, reflect your mistakes and slowly improve till youre god tier :smiley:


Also don’t forget many people are in PvE gear/PvE spec or PvP gear/PvE spec. They only want those 2 free gypsums a day arena provides. They also don’t mind about using oakflesh/gemdust, honing stones etc.

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That is so dumb but also explains so much. I found some sources on this claiming its not 10k hp but rathar if player has above 100% hp from stuff like Health perk on amulet. That part doesnt show up apperently. Either way post about that I found is 10months old. So dumb its still in game :smiley:

I tried couple different perks and builds. Also tried Greataxe + Greatsword and GA + WH. Whenever I feel like some perk isnt really helping me I change it.

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Welcome to New World.

Ye I do feel like whenever I stomp someone it must be becouse they are in pve gear and they just want gypsums. Or they are also new to the game when its like a fair match.