Amazing should shut down bot sites

Sites like New World Hacks, Cheats & Bots

Use Amazon technologies, to spread cheating and hacking information which is against Amazon Web Services TOS.

AGS should be partnering to take down botting at its roots.

Like this topic shows AGS isn’t even trying to stop the transfer of wealth Gold sellers, how have you kept your account clean?

They all just say just sell the gold Amazon is t tracking you.

G2G is also a place we’re any player can post gold for sale not even bots just recipients of wealth from owning a zone or manipulating the market can sell their money.

Like it’s way too easy. We need that bot update before mutators seriously Amazon I’m not going to be playing mutators not out of protest but because I don’t have the gear and can’t get it without spending real money to get my crafting up or to get crafting incredients to “tip” someone to make rolls for me.

Seriously I just want to PvE and level my toon to the maxes without the huge competition for resources to do it.

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