Amazon and software as a service

Amazon is well known for providing everything as a service with AWS. This kept me wondering, why not games?
You could develop tools for server management and rent servers for New World. People would configure it as they like, PvP-only servers, PvE-only servers, RP servers, perma-death, lose items on death, and so many other options that would ruin the game for most people but there are niches that would love a custom server.
The in-game store could be provided by AGS with the cosmetics being unlocked in the Amazon account and available on any servers that the player joins.

Of course this is just my imagination and I have no idea of the costs involved on keeping a server instance running for this game.

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It’s funny how departing posts gets more attention and interaction than genuine ideas around here.

I agree with you and a game with PVE and PVP cooperation cannot work to me…

How many time i died because my faction was PVE and couldn t help.

How many time i lost a node cuz bot and PVE players are permantly taking it…

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