Amazon best hire new PVP advisors

I just tried out both Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet vs my friend using Voidbent Armour and despite max Intelligence I did pathetic damage to him (using high-end gear), while he with his bow could 1-shot me wearing Light Armour.

In this game there’s about everything wrong with PVP, hence I’m not surprised about the extensive outrage.
The current meta is as one-sided as it gets. Using Voidbent/Heavy Armour is a must and despite Healers, everyone is either mindlessly spamming left click with Great Axe and War Hammer or abusing Musket (or Bow) from range.

Mages have become completely unviable, Battlemages don’t even exist which is a shame because they could, investing into Constitution is a no-go for PVP, etc.

Maybe find people who actually tried out all different classes in PVP to establish a fair balance not to frustrate half of your playerbase who don’t feel like copying the same few usable sets.

PVP needs a MAJOR revamp and despite already many issues the new patch took a further step into the wrong direction.

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