Amazon blaming players instead of taking the blame

Continuing the discussion from AFK Detection Update:

I don’t like making such posts usually shortly after launch, since it has become an industry standard that games come out with gigantic queues, lags, bugs and crashes, ruining the experience for 70% of the playerbase. However with the post posted above by one of the admins is absolutely ridiculous.

“We have seen a lot of frustration around individuals who may be artificially remaining active enough in servers to avoid the automatic AFK mitigation that is built into New World.”

Yes obviously people are frustrated by the people avoiding the AFK mitigation system while they sit in queues for hours. I do too everyday if I can’t stop playing first thing in the morning, as many working people can’t.

“We certainly agree that this is not acceptable behavior, especially when there are droves of individuals who are waiting patiently to get into a world.”

You know what should not be acceptable? To have 200k players on the beta and still think that 2000 player capacity is per server is going to work just fine. To see the SAME thing happen in the beta where couple of server are super full with many hour long queues and then the rest is pretty much dead compared to the biggest ones (looking at you Hades), and still not provide free transfer from servers that have significantly higher population than the rest at the launch. You delayed the game for a month and some of us cheered you on expecting more improvements and well polished game and what we got is a Diablo 3 launch. And then you blame the players? Your 15 minute AFK mitigation system, have kicked me while I went to take a short 20 minute break to smoke.

I am not going to let your shortcomings affect my gameplay and will continue running into the corner like an idiot EVERY time I want to go smoke a cigarette or two to avoid getting kicked and being put into the queue for another 4 hours.

And you may ask why would I say this, do I not think of other players? If you think this way, enjoy being in the queue. We all paid the money to play the game, but only a part of the player base can do so at all times. This is not “You don’t pay my sub” argument, this is more of a “Don’t hate the player, hate the game” kind of a thing.

Amazon stop blaming players and pretend that we are the bad guys for avoiding your AFK mitigation system. Rather than spending time on implementing your punishment system, why don’t you fix the god damn server capacities and finally after almost a week introduce server transfers, which should have been both a thing from day 1.

Oh and by the way, good job on not fixing a lot of bugs that exist since Beta and we hoped to have fixed thanks to the delay.


A friend.


If you think they’re only blaming players and not stating that they need to address things (which they actually have tried to do) then you’re just selectively picking this to bolster your point, which didn’t need a new thread anyway.

By the way, players who abuse AFK are partly to blame for the queues, literally. No one that I can see is fully blaming them. Actually, the biggest cause for the queues is the popularity of the game, above all other considerations.


Exploiters always say all kinds of nonsense to shift the blame when they are clearly exploiting.
Players who do not exploit then feel like chumps.

Like Elder Scrolls Online, if the devs let players exploit without penalty, then more and more legitimate players become exploiters because (1) why not? there’s no penalty (2) why be legitimate and feel stupid and devalued by the company (3) growing resentment against the company for not taking action

ESO has exploiter culture there after nurturing it for 7 years. Don’t let that happen to New World.
We already see various serious exploits. Exploiters need to be booted out of the game. If not permanent bans, then erase their toons that they exploited with.
In any case , no ban is “permanent” – they can just make another email and sign up to play again.


They aren’t blaming players.

They already put things in place for the unexpected numbers, new servers (transfers coming) and server locks for full servers.

The afk detection is a result of a massive number of players just never logging out when there is a ton of people waiting to get in. I am sorry but that is a dick move on players. You going to bed? log out. Going to eat and it might take an hour fine run in place afk I dont care about that. But its the jackasses that are doing it for like 8 plus hours while they are at work or sleeping that is really making queues long, because no one really logs out.

There has to be a change, if they could just increase server size they would have. They clearly can’t.


They’re not blaming the players , in fact they’ve already owned up that they were completely taken by surprise with the interests and completely owned up to them not being prepared well enough for this response on the game.

And one of their solution is so that players who are “done” play for that session of gametime, need to log out and give other players a chance to log in. If you’re doing something that takes more than the 20+ minute time before AFK timer kicks you out, then log out. If you’re just having a cigarette it doesn’t take 20+ minutes.

The problem isn’t those who need to take a small break, they don’t get booted out anyway. The problem are those who stand running on the same spot for 3-4 hours or more just to avoid the AFK timer. Those players are part of a problem that AGS needs to fix, and which they are in conjunction with other things they’re working on currently.


" I am not going to let your shortcomings affect my gameplay and will continue running into the corner like an idiot EVERY time I want to go smoke a cigarette or two to avoid getting kicked and being put into the queue for another 4 hours."
Enjoy your ban then :wink:


100% true and real.

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all this queue fiasco is causing me so much anxiety.

i wish i could just play whenever i want and not be worried about going afk for a few.

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You are not alone on that one.

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If it happens it happens.

“A few” what? Minutes?

Go AFK dude. I do it all the time. I just don’t go and leave my PC for 6 hours whilst a macro is keeping me in game.

Seriously, this is a game. If it’s causing you anxiety then please, please, talk to someone who can help you get past this because it’s not worth it.


That is why I did not talk about the 3-4 hour wall runners in the post but provided my personal example of 20 minute break that results in me being kicked from the server.

I agree with you that running into the wall for the whole night on the most populated servers is a problem, but I would argue that time spent on fixing the underlying issue is more important than creating a new system that punishes players for the “exploit”.

If this issue did not exist in the first place they would not have to spend time and resources on this at all. You may not agree with me and that is okay, I simply shared my point of view on the whole thing. When I go away for a long amount of time extending 30 minutes I just log off too, but it’s non-sensical to do that when I go for a smoke at 7PM when I want to come back after that and play for a few more hours before going to bed. Instead it would throw me into 4 hour queue instead.


In my post I included the experience from my perspective of going AFK to literally smoke for 20 minutes and getting kicked for it and then have to get back into the queue.

Running into the wall for a whole night is a whole another thing, and it is scummy which I agree with you on. Maybe extend the AFK protection to 30 minutes, people are actually allowed to take a short break if it’s needed, and ban the people who run into the wall for 6 straight hours. I have no problem with that.

Edit: Also a trillion dollar company (Amazon) cannot increase server sizes almost a week after launch while players are constantly struggling with getting into the game at all? Come on be real… I could not play for the first 3 days until I switched to another server due to the queues and now the queues are here as well, although not as long as on the first server I signed up on.


If you had a 20 minute break you would only get a flag telling you you’re about to be kicked. After 5 minutes you’re booted out. Meaning you have 24 minutes in total before you’re kicked out of the game.

They are working on multiple solutions, this is just one of them. They’re also working on server transfer routines as well as increasing the server cap. While this is going on, the network team is working to role out more servers and get them up and running, though that wouldn’t get a full effect until server transfer is released and operational.

So I’d say they’re doing what they can to fix the problem, but currently the biggest issue is getting people in and playing, and that means cleaning up the AFKers. Which means that anyone that work to avoid the 25 minute AFK timer, needs to go. That way it opens up more slots on the server to shorten the queue.

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Sorry if it sounded like I am saying they are not addressing the issue. I am saying this should not have been an issue. They had 200k players on “Paid Beta/Closed Beta”. You are telling me that no one expected the actual live release player count to be insane especially on launch that was delayed by a month? If that is the case someone is making really bad decisions up there.

Exploiters who run into the wall for 6 hours straight to be able to play in the morning without a queue are 100% partly to blame for the queues. I was pointing more to the shorter AFK times that should not be a problem. Booted after 20 minutes? Not very good system.


They can increase server size. They don’t do it (well they try on French servers) because it’s not a solution at all. That is game design. The world is not huge, there is a limited amount of ressources and the economy is 100% player generated. It’s already over populated because we’re in the first week so people are mostly at the same level range.
Increasing server size will kill balance. They tried a 2500 slots server in the beta and it was already awful.


I am simply mad that it is a problem in the first place. Defending companies that hopped on the new industry standard of scuffed launches is not going to improve things.

20 minutes was a example. I am not sure if it is 20 minutes and then kick or 25 minutes, but 20-25 minute break should be okay, I am sorry. As I mentioned in another reply, increase it to 30 minutes. If you are not back by then, it’s your own fault.

It’s not an industry standard, it’s just extremely difficult to gauge how many servers you actually need until the game is actually released.

Also, if you’re not back within 25 minutes it is your own fault. The timer is set and you get 5 minutes of warning before you’re booted. Now you know at least how much time you have before you’re booted.

wow they still didnt fixed this garbage. amazing

I am sorry have you been alive for the last dozen and more multiplayer game launches, that included the following:

  1. Crashing servers
  2. Lag
  3. Insufficient player capacity that resulted in long queue wait time
  4. Overall inability to play the game on day one for a large amount of users

Wow look at that, Amazon checks all/most of the boxes on this list just like a lot of recent released before it. Kinda sounds like it’s almost become an industry standard to me at this point.

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