Amazon, do u care about the bots?

(I’m reposting it every single day until I see some result!!!)
Greetings everyone. I use to play on Devaloka.

I’ve been several times reporting people botting around Brightwood, Everfall, Great Cleave, Windsward for at least one month and a half.

Let’s be honest, please: Amazon, are u going to take any action against botters?
With all due respect…really, that is awful.
i’m tired of seeing these ppl on all the time


I’ll save you a lot of time and wasted effort…



According to dev vid, 9k bots were removed, but it sure wasn’t on my server. Same bots I’ve reported for month’s are still running wild.


Yeah, I’d say the same. On Devaloka there are plenty still running around and gathering stuff

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Crafters ruining this game using rmt to support their roll addiction. It will never end without making an example out of a large amount of them.

N :rofl:

There is some truth to this…not only gold seller and bots need to be banned, but the people buying gold and are perpetuating the continue addition of more bots should be held accountable.

Exactly, this is why the problem exists. Game companies need to be hyper aggressive towards any rmt activities from all sides of the problem.

People that say don’t worry about bots. Shut up about bots. They are your rmt abusers. That’s their crutch and their only way to defend it is to act like it’s just the way it is and you have to accept it.

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whenever I saw bots i reported them. they are mining fishing gathering i see them lvl up some of them lvl 60!!! and nothing happened.NOTHING! they still gathering and because amazon didnt do anything now i can see them in primetime.they have no shame. I assumed developers like bots and gold sellers if so Amazon just tell us and u can play ur game with your magneficiant bots and gold sellers

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