Amazon games should be manually respawning quest bosses that never respawn on their own

I have needed to kill Malevolence for over a week now. We attempted to kill her after the restart for patch 1.0.2 and she despawned when she reach 1/4 of her health and never respawned for the rest of the patch. Everyone on the forums has said that they have the same issue across all worlds. This boss is REQUIRED for the 580 war hammer quest line. There are a lot of players who use the war hammer and it is unfair that we’ve had to wait this long and we are still going to have to wait even longer. This is just my educated guess but I assume every enemy has a command to respawn that is put through by the server. If Malevolence is missing that code or the server never recognizes the boss as dead because it just despawns, then it just won’t respawn. So my question is, can amazon manually put a command through on their end to make the boss spawn? The answer has to be yes. Amazon, please consider this as you have thousands of players who are unable to complete this quest and have been waiting a while.

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Yes. Please fix this!!!

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