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Amazon -

Many players have some questions:

  • Why are using DirectX 11 in 2021?

  • Why did you stop using DirectX 12 after the betas?

  • When will DirectX 12 be PUT BACK in the game?

We completely understand that you may be embarrassed, concerned about the blowback, especially given all the bricked cards at the hands of some poor coding (and maybe 30 cards with poorly soldered Mofset, thanks for helping them fix that issue) but it’s really about being honest, transparent and most importantly leaving the corporate speak at the door and talk to us like human beings.

While I agree that your decision to charge such a cheap price for the game ($40) is a great move it doesn’t really excuse the absence of DirectX 12.

Is this a Lumberyard issue / limitation? Is this a training and experience limitation on your current entry level development team?

Please let us know what’s going on here.

Thanks for your time!


Anyone suprised they’ve not answered this post? I’m not.

To be fair they don’t post in every thread, and likely forum jannies have no clue anyway. That being said I am also curious if this will be restored in the future.


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Moved my post from General to English support where no one will see it.

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