Amazon Lie for server cap!? Now have Queue!

How they announce they have +5k cap and can hold that. now we get 2k cap and long que in all servers.
They Add more server look on those server again que.
So all what they announce before is lie?? or they need make cap on each server atleast for now +3k maybe 4k to everything start move?. 5 to 15 hours in que its not good .

Playing: 382693
Queue: 598223 how its possible more que then playing and that cap what they say have total tr$£%$h!

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Honestly even with 2k resources are hard to come by I think to many people just want to go to the biggest server out there for whatever reason. and with the free server transfer you can still play the game and change servers when the hype dies off. I will take que times being long over a classic WoW situation where the servers aren’t even working.

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yes i know what you mean but where that cap what they say?? for me its sounds like lie…and i cant move to ither server becouse my guild play in that. i m not solo player. if they do what they announce for us i think we not get que like that where need stay 5-15h… i m now stay in 700 drop to 420 and spend 2h only to move like that…

For ages, they promoted the concept of New World as being very inspired by EVE-Online, where you have a single-shard universe with 30-50k players at any one moment a nd a total of hundreds of thousands. That would have been truly fantastic for a sandbox MMO, here, but understandably that is a difficult accomplishment. However, going the other route – a 2,000 pop cap on a server?R Is really crazy. Especially for a sandbox game with multiple player factions and focused on PVP. I really don’t get it. Maybe it’s a temporary cap, because they want to avoid the nightmare of servers just totally dying for hours or days at a time. Would be a shame if 2k remains the cap forever.

That’s true i would imagine there are real reasons for it most likely server stability since most games especially MMOs get most of their bad rap for servers crashing. but even if they went up say 10k max that would still leave you at 588,223 in que and trust me the starting zones are hectic took me 3 hours to find iron and while I was fighting a wolf it got scooped up by some level 8. worst case if the servers are still the same i would join another server and build up my professions and bring rare materials back to the populated server and sell it for crazy profit once you can server transfer

Nice get DC and now have my time when i come to game 25h 27m 40s its not normal…they need make caps little bigger. atleast 3.6k per server…

oh i really dont think it will stay at 2k cap that just wouldnt be smart of them i think youre right that its just to make sure servers are operational until all the hype dies. But personaly i came to the game for the PVP but i could see it being a problem for someone that wants a MASSIVE MMO experience.

They said multiple times way before release that they were odini lots of servers small pops just for the release then gonna merge . You can literally go look them up . Anyone that thinks they were thought to keep servers at 2k is funny .

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yes i know about what you mean but now i want play with uild and friends. not stay in que 25h 27m. just if they can they must do that becouse announced more cap like i say before its LIE. what they do now and on prewie event even more cap then now…

what server is it youre tying to join?

My server ekera

well I will cross my fingers for you with that que.

JUST BIG GARBAGE OF LIE !!! maybe buggest fail what i see when have oportunity to make bigger cap still hold on 2k and have que about 500k unbelievable

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NEWWORLD its a queue simulator. Waiting till i need to go bed, the next day the queue starts over again. Last night i was close to log in queue was 350 something, then the game crashed ofc, queue again and i was on position 4000. Want to refund so badly -.-

Server : Utgard

this game need call with that que kukoldgame bc you only whaching

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maybe need on twitter write?
#+4kCapOnServers @Playnewworld

Has it occurred to you, that the 2,000 limit for launch was deliberate?

There are 2,000 players online at any given time. Since it’s launch day, all of those 2,000 are in the same four zones. That’s 500 players per zone, all competing for the exact same quest mobs. The exact same herbs, the exact same iron.

Imagine for a moment, if the cap was 5,000. That’s a 2.5x increase. Instead of sharing your starting zone with 500 players all competing for the same quest mobs, the same resources, and the same faction missions, you’re now competing with 1,250, per zone.

Over a thousand players all competing for the same fucking boars. Then you have these exact same threads, but instead of saying “I can’t get in”, it’s “I can’t play the game because xXPussySmasher69Xx is sniping all the boars with a musket, do something about the spawn rates”.



Wait what did Amazon do with me?

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about cap in server’s now we have que like this…

Hey, I am not garbage!