Amazon make more skins!

I hope there is more new skins update every month!


i’d kill for some female skimpy ones even though my husband thinks I’m crazy for suggesting them lol.


You are

Why doesn’t the bow have a skin?

because your husband is not fashioner, so he won’t understand haha

It does. also a new one coming out in a week or so

From the shop? I’m not seeing one.

Edit: if AGS adds bow skins, could we have them be slick and not bulky? :wink:

No, they’re free, prime loot and twitch stuff

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Before or after they fix the bugs?

It doesn’t even have to be skimpy, something for players who don’t want to dress like a male for everything would be nice. :grimacing:

I get that… it would be great to see more. However, I’d rather them focus on some of the bugs and exploits at the moment.

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