Amazon Needs to Know -- RNG Hell is Not an Endgame!

I highly dislike pve… I play this game for the pvp and the pvp only. I decided today to do all the chest runs on the map with full luck gear and literally got 2 expertise upgrades total… The reason I dislike doing pve is the constant feel of beating your head against a wall trying to grind out gear day after day just to feel like it was for nothing. Oh and the gypsom system is just useless, out of all those runs was only able to craft 2 of the casts… which is on a long cd which means you are forcing players to do pve in a pvp based game if they wish to upgrade their gear.

What did you expect? How much expertise bump a day you would like to get?
I wouldnt look at optimal way to achieve some min max status but rather do what I enjoy and get there month later.

You can get your orb from OPR so thats pvp oriented… and how much expertise increase per day would you like to be able to do?

Well said. It was disappointing that the recent video update was 99% PvE. They really need to nurture their PvP player base and treat it well - a good portion of the avid players remaining are here for PvP, but that won’t last. Especially if 99% of the content remains PvE grind.

Hey bro, I hear you want a little rng with your rng to go on top of your rng that is sprinked with some rng to the side dish of rng.


At this point, I don’t think the developers have time to play. They might play it, but they don’t play it to the extent of gamers who play everyday for the “grind to max 200 and BIS.”

  • So they don’t feel the enormous crafting experience required to get to 200 post 1.1 void patch
  • They aren’t grinding out the materials personally, so they don’t understand.

Developers, at this point, can’t play the game because the bug list is so long.

  • There’s too much to fix with countless things being added
  • They really need to patch everything first before adding anything new.

This way, developers can patch new things immediately as they arise.

  • This will make gamers feel immediately heard, there shouldn’t be a backlog of glaring issues.
  • The reason bugs persist so long is because there’s too many
  • As said in their previous video, some bugs are put on “non-priority”

Balancing end-game can’t be addressed until all bugs are patched.

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Guaranteed 600gs? How? I didn’t know about that.

Part of the update note:

Right, but that is a 600 GS item with the ability to control 1 thing about it, with the other 3 things still being random. Still RNG hell.

(Note that above the poster said you could make a 600 GS item AND control 2 of the outcomes. That’s not true, these are two separate things – they added the ability to roll a 600 automatically, and a separate dynamic for controlling 2 of 4 characteristics of the crafted item.)

There’s 25 different affixes that can roll, and many more perks. For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume a universe of just 25 perks, too.

So the chance of getting the thing you want if it was just 1 roll is 1/25 or 4%. Not so great.

But when you get into the realm of multiple, independent events and the likelihood that you’ll get what you want, it falls apart even more. The probability of getting your 1/25 stat you want followed by your 1/25 perk u want is .0016 – or a .16% chance that you’ll get the attributes and the first perk you want.

But guess what - you are rolling 3 things (you can only control one). So that’s the likelihood of a 1/25 event followed by a 1/25 even followed by a 1/25 event. That’s a .0064% chance of getting 3 things you want.

The probability of you getting at least one of the things you want is 11.5%, and the probability that you get none of the things you want is 88.5% (with 3 events).

I know that this is simplifying a bit, because there could be more than one thing you might want. But at the same time, there are also more than 25 perks that could roll. (But even assuming you would be satisfied by 3/25 of the attributes, and 1/25 perks – that is a 12% chance of getting attributes u might want, but only a 4.8% chance of getting the first perk u might want, and a .019% chance of getting the stats and 2 perks u want. 18.9% chance u get at least 1 of what you want and 81.1% chance u get none.)

The point is just to illustrate that everyone probably should not be getting really excited about being able to roll a 600 GS item or control 2 of 4 outcomes on a legendary item. You are still in RNG hell – still in a Casino-like system where the “house” always wins. . .

If you want the game to have lottery characteristics, that’s fine, for players who want that sort of thing. I think most players don’t want that sort of thing, or at least want a parallel system where they can make progress toward their goals knowing that they can eventually achieve them over time, not simply be stuck in RNG hell without ever getting the things they are aiming for.


Why does higher gear score equipment have to be ‘prestigious’? The game is an MMO, you should WANT players to acquire the gear necessary to complete the content you have available in the game. Making gearing up an RNG sandwich with RNG on the side and RNG to drink doesn’t activate that feeling of accomplishment when you acquire the gear you want… Instead it just feels like finally hitting the jackpot when playing like a slot machine, since that’s basically what gearing up is in this game. The stupid amount of RNG this game has for gearing up is just … terrible. Let’s not forget the terrible Free-To-Play style Triple/quadruple timegating systems in place now which just reeks of Mobile Gaming Microtransaction Hell…

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Yeah it would be nice to farm/get hard materials from dungeons or through refining to upgrade items and give them a name or something that makes them prestigious.

I like the current expertise system, but beyond 590, it;s just an rng mess that causes constant disappointment. NW is becoming too reliant on RNG and this is hated in other games and prevents them from growing/retaining players.

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At this point I firmly believe this is just to slow people down so they can finish development. . .

I honestly don’t understand how people find loot box simulators enjoyable – as a full-featured game.

Ignoring issues of game balance, weapon balance, performance, bugs, and the lack of diversity. . . I actually liked the PvP. But in order to stay competitive you also have to participate in this RNG hell.

I have had a discussion with others about this before and RNG in new world has a big problem. Lets say you want 1 specific roll, to get that perfect roll im guessing will take 500-1000+ 600GS drops with 3 random perks rolling for each weapon (worse for armor with light/med/heavy).

I have been doing chest runs(all 60+ areas) + elites everyday while being 590 in everything for a while and get 1 600GS drop per day if im lucky(btw only 1 in 2 weeks has been legendary lmao) now if it was all great axes this means it would take 1.5 to 3 years to get that perfect drop!

You dont just drop great axes tho so that number will be anywhere from 2500-5000 600GS drops which you can do the math on the amount of years that drop will take to get! by that time the gear score would have been increased in the game multiple times.

Basiacally what im saying is gearscore/watermark is useless and im guessing thats why you added expertise is to give it a purpose, because dropping perfect roles is incredibly rare why would anyone grind watermark once they realised this.

590 gearscore should be 600 for a start to roll 590-600 only. Even if all drops at 600 watermark were 600, getting the correct roll you want would still be a massive grind!

TLDR. Crafting is the only way to get best in slot gear. once players reach 590 watermark just give up doing any endgame content and go craft, drops are not worth the grind.

New World should have been made with gear sets from the start instead of RNG.


To give my opinion on this.

The problem is not so much the randomness per se. It is the random roll on as to whether or not that 600 GS piece is actually of any decency.

Receiving a 600 GS drop, feeling that happiness, just to see it’s complete trash because stats are terrible, perks are terrible, etc. Is just in no way fun. This needs to be changed. And there are several ways this could be changed.

One possible change is to just remove these absolute trash stat/perk combinations.

A second possible option could be to allow for a crafter to ‘realign’ stats and attributes on these sort of pieces. Use for example a craft mod together with some other selection of legendary resources to make part of the adjustments.

But ideally, I would just say don’t reinvent the wheel. Work with predesigned, well thought out named gear pieces from boss drops.

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I actually have an idea for that,

Make the loot pools slimmer so people can target farm easier.

Have certain bosses just mostly drop greataxea for example so its a good spot to farm great axes, and make weapons more likely to roll stats they scale off of aswell.

These drops can be rotated out daily or every 3 hours like for example monday malevolence boss is more likely to drop great axes and heavy armor but tuesday it could be void gauntlets and light armor or 2-3 weapon types and a certain item weight. Since there is multiple elite zones it should be doable to have different named enemies drop different weapons to cover all bases.

Then make sure each elite zone clearly states what is most likely to drop there at the moment.

It would allow people to target certain drops from slimmer loot pools and run a bigger variety of content as the loot changes.

This could also be applied to dungeons potentially or some other activities.

Counterpoint: gear progression isn’t fun. Getting drops and small upgrades to gear may provide a dopamine hit for a few minutes after you get the item, and doing content for those dopamine hits can be addictive like a gacha game, but some people will do things that are not fun for those dopamine hits and then bitch about it the entire time. Others will see the time to effort ratio as insurmountable and leave.

Instead, letting players immediately get upgrades immediately allows players to do content that they actually find fun because it’s fun. Not for the loot, but because they enjoy the challenge or the mechanics. I like Invasions because they’re fun, not because of the gear that drops. The gear (and more likely, the repair parts that I get) is just icing on the cake that rewards me for something I already like doing.

For me, personally, grinding and camping the trading post is far more worth my time than killing the same overworld boss for hours for an infinitesimal chance at getting an upgrade.

That’s exactly what I’m doing. Can’t rely on drops. 600GS items are nice but there is absolutely nothing prestigious about a legendary 600 GS item with useless stats and perks. Won’t even sell.

Heck, I’m already at 590 expertise and I haven’t been able to get a single drop to upgrade the ~560GS gear that I bought off marketplace. And I enjoy the looting chest simulator lol

Feel free to name a single mmo where the endgame isn’t completely rng driven.

What prestige?

The RNG in this game is a joke.
Even on the PTR, opening the boxes for ‘test’ gear, as a tank, opening up tank based boxes I was getting perks which a tank would never ever want/need/use.

New players… run quest… look forward to box… open box and get gear with stats/perks no where near what they can use.

Is it really that difficult to code drops which:

  1. look at current attribute setup on the player
  2. Loot at the current equipped weapons/armor

and then reward the player with something that has some sort of relationship to what they can use.

There is nothing prestigious about a person who puts hundreds to thousands of real life hours into a GAME and still has to fight RNG for best in slot.


So sell stuff that’s not for your template and hope for better drops? There’s literally nothing else to do at end game other than RNG grind at the moment. Perhaps in the future you may have a point, but as it stands, it’s something to do and imo is more fun than just having the best gear and getting bored / quitting.

Well currently there’s not sustainable content for this to be viable and honestly I don’t mind. Nobody needs to have IMMACULATE PERFECT GEAR within 2 months of the games release.

It’s insane how crazy people are acting about min maxing every aspect of the game, it’s pathetics. You’re acting like you can’t compete with the gear they offer. I’ve literally had the faction gear since I hit 60 and haven’t had ANY issues PvPing at all. It has some of the best perks and you can get a full set without any effort at all.

You’re trying to complain about a problem that’s non-existent.