Amazon, please explain how this kind of queue times is acceptable by a paying customer


Those wait times are ouch :cold_face:

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Amazon, you are losing people; do something. :stuck_out_tongue:


Where u got that Image from with the queue times in h?

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queue time will go down. right now whole world is trying to log in to eu servers. when all regions are open, queue will be smaller.

And they also dont want to invest into the equipment to make EU be able to support the entire world when its only going to briefly be a problem… its a short lived problem.


Yeah, the question is: why the hell aren’t they opening the other regions RIGHT NOW ?


Yes, but from 114k people waiting there are companies who had no chance to begin with. Regions are already being bought on Annwyn and people will be 30 lvl when we will start to play. We had some plans about the start of the game which now is ashes…


Thats what you get when you release 1 server at a time and make name and company names global…


Yeah, that’s the problem. They did wrong marketing, that’s why people suffering this even they paid.

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because it makes no sense to give people who are awake at 5am for some reason a headstart in the game.

SImply put there is a problem with opening all at once or rolling out. Each decision has up and downs. the stupid queues on EU are the downs for this plan, but people actually being awake when it launches is the upside.

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Yeah, it’s better to completely ruin the launch day experience of EU, of course.

Gosh, you wouldn’t think it’s launch day of a popular new MMO…


Many EU people would still have gotten a headstart if they launched at like 10 pm or something as many people have to sleep and work, or just sleep naturally at that time.

There should be a single launch time, but what can you do now… change your panties, wipe your ass and move on your favorite game.

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It is really bad … I expected a better from Amazon to be honest


I’ve done most “popular” MMO releases since UO, that was in 1996… and to be honest, this is one of the worse. There’s been a few even worse, like UO (it was a mess) and AO, but none with that kind of 10+ hours queue times.

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Anarchy Online was a deadset shocker, yes. Lag, server crashes, etc. Vanguard had some showstoppers, including quest line ending bugs. Star Wars Galaxies servers blew up and it was unplayable for a few days. WoW had servers down for extended periods and queues were into several hours when they were up. FFXIV was a nightmare including a lock out stopping people from playing the early access which only fixed itself when early access ended. My point being, there are some server queues at present, but compared to some releases, a stable game that takes awhile to get into is perhaps preferable to an unstable game you can log into?

Give it time to shake out (possibly AGS spinning up more servers), I reckon it will be sweet.


Hoping things will get sorted out eventually later on today.

Although I am confident it will be alright, since during the open beta we barely had any queues.
And in the CBT, queue times were minimal if any (excluding the first 2 days of server issues)

P.S : I’ve been up since 6 am, logged in at start, got to level 7 and since then, couldn’t log back in.
Now, nearly 4 hours after, i am finally at 33 position in queue


EU has gotten midnight launches for other titles for so long. Never been an issue.