Amazon Prime Skins Now Available

Just showed up under Prime Gaming


They did indeed. Thank you for the heads up!

I am new to Amazon, can anyone tell me please if the prime rewards will available for longer, or do I have to claim them until a certain time? I don’t have prime yet.

There’s a time limit.

The prime rewards have a window in which you have to claim them. Like the pirate pack 1 is only claimable from 9/28 to 10/12.

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Ok, I opened up prime gaming and twitch drops and I don’t see the new skins.

Edit. Just noticed this was a necro thread. Ignore me.

That was exactly what I wanted to know, thank you! As I am new, I couldn’t start a new topic I think, so I had to use an older but relevant one.

Make sure you have your steam account linked to your Prime account.
Prime Gaming if anyone needs the link since Amazon likes to bury it under 15 sub menus.

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