Amazon service is not helpfull at all

why is amazon service so pathetic
been 2 hours in chat with them…4 people i have speken too
there was a christian and a andreas michael and a kevin…cant remember first person

not one of them is solving my login issue
i do not have a cell phone
i cant get otp code
the last guy instead of helping me locked my account .how dumb can you get
this is another account i made on the forum to get it out
amazon and new world has not solved my issue on my main account.

i need otp and my cell number removed from my main account
i cant log into amazon and i cant log into new world either
both askes for otp code
the last guy kevin at amazon put otp code on my account when i was logged in …no i cant get back in…this is pathetic…how did he even get work there?

i have removed a 2 year old cell number from my steam account…this is what they say …its steam…its not…log into amazon and new world is a amazon account

Did you try this?

To deregister your device: Go to Manage Your Content and Devices and log in to your account. Click Devices. Select your device and click Deregister .

i deleted an old cell number from steam
thats not the issue
i cant log into amazon or new world due to otp code

Ohhh. ok one sec.

What do you see here?

i see my 2 log in accounts presented by amazon

and when i put in password it asks for OTP code on a cell number
i dont have this cell number or a phone

It’s odd that they can’t just remove your OTP and authentications on your account since you don’t have the cell phone anymore… but I think if you don’t, you can choose other ways to login, below the login for authentication click “Need Help”

i have spoken to 4 amazon presentives in support

not onne has helped me…
i asked them to remove cell number and otp

when i click help needed it still asks for otp code to that cell number

i caanot believe amazon is so pathetic
when i click need help it askes for otp
when i click at bottom remove it gives me 4 options about account or password or login details
none of those help me as they all go back to option OTP

so im stuck

i cant believe such a stupid design in their website

It’s Amazon, they’ve never been known for good design for anything. Pretty much the worst user experience you can have from a large company since 1995

Do you have any device you can use to install the amazon app on or better yet, have a friend do it for you on their phone or ipad.

still after 2 weeks …mew world has done nothing to help me
amazon has done mothing to help me
absolutely unfuckin believeable

It seems like they should easily be able to remove the phone from your account and authentications. They may just have to verify your ID before, but surely they can do it.

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