Amazon underestimated the community and ultimately lost

We all know that AGS decided to release a beta or early access title as a normal release version. Now we all have to pay the price that the game is so vulnerable that the professional data miners keep finding new ways to find bugs and exploits within a few hours. AGS takes days and weeks to close such vulnerabilities, and the opponent only needs a few hours to find a new one.

The state of the game is so rotten that forced solutions lead to new critical problems. The game is constantly losing players. The game loses players when there is a problem and the game loses players because a problem is fixed. If you look at the server statistics, you can only throw your hands up in horror. More than half of the servers are hanging around with up to 150 players. Who the hell plays on servers like that, especially servers with concurrent player counts under 50. I can hardly imagine if there’s a living player sitting at the monitor.

I can understand why AGS doesn’t act here like they did with Crucible. For one thing, the customer paid a retail price for it, and for another, it’s most likely the last chance for AGS to take it up a notch in wood. If New World fails, AGS will probably come to an end as well.

So my appeal to gamers: as long as you satisfy your addiction, everything is fine. But please don’t play the game in the hope of recovery. Please let the game hit the wall, so that publishers finally have their eyes opened that unfinished games have no place on the market.

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Which speaks about the community.

Do the players still have hope?

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