Amazon went along with stupid people

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So, as I understand it, if I just a few times (not even in a row) will be away from the computer without turning off the game (anything happens in life, for example, left for a while, and then there were things to do and could only free up an hour), then in the end may be banned?
Ban for AFK…
Amazon, are you serious?
This is ridiculous…

You need to fight the REASON that some players have become unfair, not ban them for just wanting to play your game without waiting in queues (they are understandable).

I’m not judging anyone, just making a point.

I’m sure they’re not gonna ban any ppl that just leave their character standing and go afk. After all you will be automatically logged out after a certain time of not doing anything.

What Amazon is targeting with this change is people who actively try to stay online for longer than whatever the afk timer is set to by using macros to make their characters move.

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just go afk at the trading post no one will know


If that’s the case, fine.
However, they made things difficult for themselves, because then they would have to check almost every afk person manually.

Amazon would rather ask themselves “Why do people use macros to stay in the game?”. The answer would be obvious, as would his solution.

people are doing this because one one wants to be away for 30mins or 1hr just to come back and hit with a 4–6hrs queue.

Amazon should do better. Server full lock should be ready to be implemented from the beginning especially when the server can only support a pathetic 2000 players.

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They don’t have to check them manually. I’m sure devs can write a script that checks whether a player is doing a repeated action over a long period of time or not.

In any case, we all agree on one thing - Amazon should finally increase server capacity, as they said themselves. Then there will be no need to use macro.

All that needs to be done is fixing the population/queue timers on servers.

You don’t need a macro to stay up and running.
You could simply swap your keybind for running to your mouse and put something heavy on the button to continuously run. This would not be bannable since it’s not a macro.

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stop kicking afk people they paid for your game let them do what they want

just fix the damn overpopulation of the servers …


The pure reason why queues where so long in the first place was because of afk exploiters. Now that they have started to clean them out, nearly every server has no queue or only a fraction of what they did.
They are not banning people for afking, they are banning people who are exploiting and bypassing the afk timer by using macros or modded interventions.


The question is how well the ban system works. I.E. when I have to go afk for a while because of life stuff, I frequently tap one of my movement keys every now and then, so I don’t end up in the 23984729837 hours queue. If going to my PC and hit the forward key is a bannable offense then this would be a major issue.

No, that’s completely ok and isn’t a bannable offense.

You’re not exploiting to circumvent the timer after all, unlike the macro users.

i regularly see people running into corners or jumping in place every few seconds and i’m glad they are doing something about that. However, i go afk to cook dinner, and come back to hit the W key or Space Bar to avoid being kicked then go back to my pots and pans. I don’t think that should be bannable, nor do i expect i’ll ever be banned for that.

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If Amazon could fix that shitty queue by raising the pathetic 2,25 cap to like 10k (i don’t care how, fix it. 2k is pathetic…) Yesterday night I solo roamed 4 hours and took 3 outposts without any PVP cause I couldn’t find anyone with PVP on, and they didn’t even show up for the outpost… And PvE players cry that they have no mobs to kill. I have no players to kill…


That wouldn’t lead to you being banned, as you’re actually at the keyboard manually pressing a key before being logged out for being afk. So you weren’t afk long enough to be logged out.

But consider - if just 100 people are doing that at any one time when they don’t actually intend to play for an hour, that’s 5% of that server’s load being held by people not actually playing.

Something to think about.

With a 10k population cap, ther wouldnt be any problem with afk ers… Noone would care if anyone is AFK-ing or not in the city

lol, sure we would. Would you really want to be in a town with 5x the people running around and standing in front of the trading post? Can you imagine the lag, low fps, and problems actually interacting with objects?

I see what you mean, but the reason for the low server cap is that during the closed beta where the server cap was higher we experienced server crashes daily, low fps, extreme lag and near impossible to get a kill on bosses. I do think tho that they should have opened more servers from the beginning and have specific pvp servers for those who would like more pvp elements

Relax, make a brew and read the post again. It seems clear that those that are AFK ‘botting’ are the ones who will be targeted, not those who have a real life event take over.

I’ve gone AFK a few times due to real life and I’ve not been banned. It has took me to the main menu saying I’ve been logged out for inactivity as you would expect.

Wow had like 3k ppl in SW back when cataclysm launched, and the servers weren’t even struggling.:smiley: Eve-online had 8000 people in one place (and 3 weeks later 12k ppl), and the servers managed to work. Don’t tell me 2k players are much. And trust me. If eve isn’t heavy server communication dependent then none of the games are.