AMAZON, You Are Now 2 Minutes Late With No Updated ETA, Why Do You Disrespect Us All The Time?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Here is a better one:

Dear New World Team,

Get a new team.


Do you honestly think people will be like that, I mean look at these forums. People will complain that they didnt know the servers came up early and are now behind. I mean dont get me wrong I think it would be great but I dont think it will make the people like the OP happy,

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Patience is a virtue. If I had a nickel every time a downtime didnt go outside the maintenance window at work Id have a couple of dollars sitting around myself. Unless you do need to be logged in all the time then I apologize

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Beat me to it :grin:

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This is called NERD RAGE !!!

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Just like Prime, 2 day shipping actually means three.


then uninstall big boy


Cc vous pouvez vous connecter vous ?

maybe get some help then?

Game is out for ~ 1368 hours and u have a average of 16.6 hours per day o.o

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This forum is really full of losers.


Approximately 21 minutes late now with no ETA yet.

oh hes serious

came for the sarcasm, left with a head ache


10 days has passed and not even a mention anywhere or a statement from AMAZON about this

Bug - Not gaining any Weaponsmithing Experience - Bugs and Exploits / Bugs and Exploits - New World Forums

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Based. Casuals seething

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well look whos

Damn. Anyone not play any other games?

I dont care about any delay if the maintenance will do at the same time as in US (6am) sorry but all maintenance is in EU Primetime its so hard to change the time and do different maintenance for every single region.
All the time we had the same problem rly.
Soon it time came that I need to change the game. Im sick of these tons of bugs, not working economy - try to be a crafter on the server with 200-300ppl online - > I cant sell any single food or mats because everyone has access to everything or dont care about crafting because its easier to find ppl for chest/elite farm and got better gear.
Im sick of watching ppl on YT that playing on normal servers and can sell mats etc.
How long do we need to wait for marge people cant move from dead or dying servers

2 minutes late and you create a hate post? Seriously?

You need to go outside a bit my dude. Take a break from gaming for awhile. This is not a sustainable way to live your life.