Amazon's Refusal to Punish Exploiters Killed the Magic for Me

Title. I was a double territory owner on my server. Actually, not only was I a territory owner, I was undefeated in war as a shotcaller. My company was able to prop up our faction in a situation where we were constantly outnumbered. I was having fun, although being attacked literally every day was stressful. The people declaring on us always exploited. It was just that the exploits couldn’t bridge the gap in our factions because we were more unified (all the major companies worked together, and the small companies supported us), and our relative lack of ego issues compared to our opponents (basically a mega company) meant we kept sharing and improving each other instead of keeping each other down to try and be supreme.

Then the no hammer cd exploit and the heal squat exploits hit. We lost our territory because I refused to allow anyone under my command exploit. There were no breaks in allowing war, there were no rollbacks, nothing to help people who play legitimately or to make people who exploit be afraid for their accounts. Tell me, there are still serious gameplay-warping exploits, so why should I bother putting in effort to get back my territories? It’s already harder to attack than defend, and they’ll abuse everything they can to make it harder. Why should I contribute to the economy knowing it’ll go back to helping them when my and my factions refusal to participate would result in their economy flatlining (the third faction is out already)?

Honestly, I already don’t want to play anymore. I’m writing this, not as a notice to everyone I quit, but as a final hail mary to try and have some actions on exploiters. I would be willing to rebuild if people who mass exploit got banned. Even if I had to fight to rebuild, I wouldn’t feel like it was draining because the people who damaged my game experience received no reward and even a punishment. But, honestly, I don’t think I’ll see that happen. I hope you prove me wrong.


You know what? Yeah, don’t care anymore.

Totally agree.
What is the point of any competition if so many are cheaters?

Don’t let others buy the game and discover this rampant cheating only after it is too late to get a refund.
I gave NW a Thumbs Down on Steam and I urge everyone to do the same until AGS takes tangible, just action.

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