Amber gem on winter event hatchet

I am a Life Staff and hatchet user and I have amber gems on my weapons usually. However just got the hatchet from the winter event and cant add the amber gem to it. Just wondering if there is a reason for that?

It has ‘chain ice’ as a perk, you can’t slot a different elemental gem into a weapon with a chain elemental perk. So you could put an ice gem or a non-elemental one, but not amber.

Didnt know that. Well thats a waste of tokens then as I have no use of any gems exept amber since i am fully Focus. Thanks for the reply

Ha ha. That is what my hatchet is about to become :grinning:

Yeah I know your pain, started off as a healer and the first hatchet I made myself was chain void so unusable lol.

Chain Void should stack right? Doesn’t it work with Focus as well?

No, as an amber gem is nature you could only have chain nature (not sure that exists as I’ve never seen it). You can’t slot an amber into chain void/fire/ice/lightning etc

Yeah I misunderstood your previous. I was thinking gem was void damage not the chain perks

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