Ambusti superior bad performance

I’m experiencing performance issues in Ambusti superior.

The game freezes / have micro cuts while passing by certain zones.

My computer specs are not high, I’m on a ryzen 5 1600x, 16gb ram ddr4 and a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, I’ve recorded the videos with OBS, and made the clips with ffmpeg without re-encoding. I play with all graphical settings set to LOW and limited to 30 fps. With settings to 60 fps I get sustained 60fps, & it doens’t run better or worse… I have a 600Mbps FTTH from Movistar, that brings an input latency & RTT of fixed 50-65ms most of the time, and in ambusti superior when I have those microcuts/freezes it rises to >200ms, time since last response is always 10-12ms

This is an speed test result:

The key point for me is… I’m not having this bad performance on Brimstone sands, or on the Dynasty dungeon ie. Performance is getting worse… when I enter Ambusti Superior. And ONLY in the very specific zones I show in the clips below, in the exact position I was when I had the micro cuts.

This is how it works in the outskirts of Ambusti superior, it runs smooth.


This micro cut happens almost always for me. When I go up and turn right to the other orichalcum.:

In this zone I would say it’s rarer to have a microcut but I also had:

Ah, now we get to that fucking rock pile… You’ll see how just before climbing it I have a microcut, in between the orichalcum and the pile, and then while trying to climb the pile it’s like the player animation fails for two times till I get to the top of the pile.

Another sample, this time the worst part is the microcut I have in the top of the pile.

This area is so poorly optimized that sometimes I have lag spikes, and my player sometimes runs ultra fast for a few seconds, it’s like having speed hack activated (I’m not using cheats, obviously).

While mining the orichalcum I get a microcut. But at the end of this clips it gets worse.

Another micro-cut, because… why not ?

And this one… I think this one happens ALWAYS. Seconds 6 to 7 of the clip.

This is the link to the imgur album: NEW WORLD: Ambusti Superior Performance Issues - Album on Imgur

Glad I’m not the only one experiencing this. Everytime I walk into the area I get random frame freezes and the game becomes infuriating to play. I had logged an in game report, but who knows if ppl actually read those /shrug

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I’ve made a major update of my thread, adding clips & more details.

So, I’m bumping this !

Anyone else is experiencing the same issues in ambusti superior ?¿?