AMD Radeon Super Resolution: How to use it on New World

Finally I managed to activate AMD RSR on New World’s borderless screen and It’s pretty easy to do.

First you need to set your windows desktop resolution to whatever resolution you want to upscale. For example, if i want to upscale 1280x720 to 1920x1080, i’ll have to set my desktop resolution to 1280x720. RIght click on the desktop, settings and there you can change windows resolution.

Then you need to activate AMD FSR at AMD’s control panel, inside the New World game tab.
After this you can launch the game and set the in-game resolution to the same resolution you set your desktop res. (in my case it would be 1280x720 ingame).

Now you can press alt+R and check if AMD FSR is active, you should see a green light right where the option is, and it’ll tell you the resolutions you are scaling from and to.

If you want to change resolutions, you’ll need to close the game, repeat the process changing resolutions and launch the game again.

It’s pretty simple, just follow the steps. If you got any questions drop them below.

In my opinion it does a good job visually, textures are much cleaner but i don’t like how the antialising works. Personally I didn’t feel gain a lot of fps. But that’s just my case with a high end pc. It’s worth giving it a try.

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I did since release :slight_smile:

Do you still use it? @GravityCorp

I do not play NW anymore

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