AMG CSR should livestream while they are working

Given that twitch & AGS are all owned by the same compny, why not have AGS CSR’s livestream when they are investigating reports of botting etc. This way there is transparency with the player base, and we can actually see the CSR’s fighting the bot/dupe/exploiting plague in real time.

They should send one csr to my home, where he has to work so I can sit next to him and watch him

No, a steel cage would be better, like a WWE cage match. And then, any time someone made a mistake, we could have them fight to the death. We could even make it interesting by adding office supplies as weapons.

(not serious, of course)


I can see the possibilities of a lot of personal information accidentally being streamed. Pretty sure no company would do that in fear of some type of legal action for accidentally revealing a bit too much.

LoL just tired of endless conversations in game where one side says AGS isn’t doing anything to combat the bots… and the other side says they are not bots lol

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