Ammunition and expeditions

Orichalcum has become expensive due to the recent refining changes. An orichalcum cartridge costs about 1 to 1.3 gold on my server. You need about 500 bullets per run of genesis, which ends up costing 500-700 gold. It seems a bit excessive to me considering you also have to pay for a spot (2k to 2.5k for genesis and 3k to 3.5k for Lazarus). Besides the bow/musket, no other weapon has such an additional financial burden. I would suggest letting people have infinite ammo (like OPR or duels) when they are in an expedition. It would greatly reduce the financial burden of ammunition, especially with the purposed dungeon mutation system.

Still think there should be quiver and ammo pouches that have unlimited ammo but durability to repair

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