Ammunition feels unappealing for guns/bows

Hi folks,
It’s a very early feeling and I don’t know if this will be useful for balance or ‘realistic’ feeling, but I found having to craft arrows and bullets to use those weapons quite unappealing when it comes to use these weapons.

I feel like the only good part of that is to being closer to the survivalist flavour, and while I guess different ammunition from different materials could affect damage, I just feel I prefer to use just a gauntlet to attack from range, by example, so I can skip this ammo management.

Overall, I only find it annoying and not really useful at all, to the point to not using these weapons as I said. What do you think?

I think the resources needed to craft ammunition are quite reasonable. Yesterday I crafted around 1500 iron arrows and about 1000 rounds for the musket with quite little farming effort. I’d estimate the amount of time per 1000 units of ammunition is about 30 minutes of farming, give or take. Seems reasonable enough to me.


I didn’t go too deep into this to be honest. It was just as an early feeling about the system, probably because I lack the feathers to craft arrows haha.

However, I think there is a point there, and it’s all the ‘reasonable’ thing around it. Okay, I can buy it would need too much farming because it provides enough ammo. But doesn’t feel a bit pointless to have to farm to use a weapon, while others don’t? That’s my main point. Of course if I want to use these weapons I will have to farm to craft their ammo, but I feel it a bit unnecessary annoying perhaps.

I’m also thinking into the future, when you need to prepare yourself for a dungeon, assault, PvP, whatever, and you need to add arrows to all the other requirements (food, potions, whatever). I don’t know, it doesn’t feel too exciting or appealing at all. It feels quite ‘meh’ to me right now.

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I can understand and respect that “I have to put in extra effort to make sure I have enough ammo to use my weapon”, and currently I have to admit I have no valid point against it.
Perhaps a bow and musket don’t take as much durability damage while being used? I really don’t know. But if there really is no other benefit to balance the extra effort, I can see how it may seem a bit unfair and pointless to use said weapons. Maybe some other people can share a bit more insight, as I don’t really play with either of them.

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