Amrine forge bug, pvp, war

in main quest i found out that i have a bug where i am unable to forge anything.

in pvp since games release it feels as if the hammer doesnt have the range when in beta/alpha.
why is it that you can roll out of the axe grav orb yet be instantly stuck in the snow ability the gauntlet has?
why does changing weapons have to wait until the entire animation of an action is done , which you then have to press the button, in order to switch weapons? yet one attack , while a attack is going thru the animations , i can press LMB once and as soon as the animation is done, itll immediately go into the 2nd attack? changing weapons feels lethargic.

war- i feel that the defending team shouldnt be able to spawn on points. they are “defending” not attacking. tweeks would need to be made for respawn time of course. also by default, the attacking team also whats the logic of respawn timers? it just seems totally random if youl get a 40 sec timer or 10 sec one. maybe if you die really quickly, one after the other, you get longer respawn time due to not taking care of your characters life.
if winning the war, and you were the one to drop the most money to put it into war, why does the town get randomly assigned to someone in the war?

storage- storage is way too small.

mounts- not needed.

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