An experience point for losing in OPR are you hesitating me?

I do not understand how they can give 1 experience point in PVP in OPR and think that this is fine, I do not know if it is a bug but of course it is a hesitation if it is what they intended to put from the beginning when I am also breaking my face during 20-30 mins into the game and I get 1 fucking experience point.

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Tbh I don’t know what you’re talking about. 1 experience point? That’s not happening to me.

I’ve been playing for these two days and when I win they give me 2k exp and when I lose they give me 1 exp it doesn’t look like a bit of a rat

If you lose OPR you don’t gain any Azoth Salt or PvP experience. I played two games yesterday and lost both and got absolutely nothing for it.

There’s another post talking about it here - Azoth salt balance?

Oh okay, I did not know that. I only played 2 OPR’s yesterday which I won. A loss should definitely still give something, as long as you participated.

Exactly, I’m not asking you to give me 2k of exp but at least give me 1k or 750 for the time there, I don’t know I’m not asking you to give me an item BIS XD

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