An idea for the future. << Silver Weapon >>

The idea starts with an NPC who will give you the new QUEST.

Quest: The new Artifact.

“Give me your most powerful weapon and I will give you the possibility to create something unique.”

(!) Give the NPC a weapon with 625 GS (!)

(The weapon that will be delivered will define the appearance of your SILVER WEAPON.)

The NPC will return you a weapon that looks the same as the one you gave it to, but this one will be WHITE and without any Perk or high Status, similar to the weapons in the initial tutorial. The difference is that this weapon will come with the possibility of UPGRADE. (4 STEPS)

First Step → Quest: Raising Power Firestaff

(!) Add 50 Attribute Perks and 30 desired Skill Perks. (!)

(By meeting these requirements your weapon’s quality will be upgraded to Uncommon and it will have the first perk and attribute set.)

Second Stage → Quest: Raising Power

(!) Add 50 Perks of the desired skill(!)

(!) Acquire 50 Fire Crystal Core (!)

(By meeting these requirements your weapon’s quality will be raised to RARE and it will have the second perk set.)

Third Step → Quest: Raising Power

(!) Add 30 Runestone and acquire the possibility to place a gem(!)

(!) Kill 250 lvl 50+ Wolves (!)

(!) Deal 10 million DMG on lvl50+ creatures within 60 minutes(!)

(By fulfilling these requirements your weapon’s quality will be upgraded to EPIC and it will be able to equip a gem.)

Last Step → Quest: Raising Power

(!) Add 100 skill Perks (!)

(!) Kill 100 players in PvP+ mode (!) → (OPR, Arena, War)

(!) Deal 30 million DMG to Players in PvP(!)

Upon completing Stage Three, your weapon will evolve to SILVER quality! You will be able to define your name and description. (The idea is that your weapon will be unique and your enemies will recognize it over time.)

The SILVER quality will have an advantage that legendary weapons don’t have.

They could alter their basic qualities. (in a balanced way)

<< Critical Hit Chance >>

<< Critical Damage Multiplier >>

<< Block Stamina Damage >>

<< Blocking Stability >>

EX: If you choose to increase your CRITICAL CHANCE your CRITICAL DAMAGE will be decreased.

What do you think of the idea? Much remains to be improved. Help me J

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The issue with “put work in” weapons is they don’t tend to survive gear score/item level jumps.

At the end of Legion we all had to put our artifacts back in the box, which was silly because for an expansion nobody really replaced their weapon slot and we basically all had the same weapon across any given spec.

I think this system works better for single player. Here, it just threatens to be obsoleted, or to obsolete things itself, in a fairly unflattering way.

Just my two cents!

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I’m all for silver equipment, as long as i can get my Myriad manifestation umbrella! :revolving_hearts:


Thanks for the opinion. I wish these weapons didn’t invalidate the other weapons. They could make the system more complex and difficult as the game released new expansions. We would always have the possibility to evolve that weapon we created. But I understand your point.

Unfortunately, that was what we were all staring down on WoW: was this new, ‘one weapon foreva’ system to be going forward? If so, were weapons just… retconned?

I think there’s a bit more potential here in the two weapons system but then your silver weapon would just probably be your main, and you’d just have the rapier effect on your offhand, which ends up being there just to buff up your main hand through utility.

If anything, maybe jewelry would do well with this system. But again, the issue is does that just become what everyone has in that slot, and bosses never drop it again, it’s never in loot tables etc…

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I think the game is excellent and I always congratulate the developers, we have a lot to wait until the end of the expansion of maps and correction of all future problems that we did not imagine could exist, whenever a new type of content is created it is criticized and rebalanced to excellent. The question is… What makes the game unique?
For me if I play 3000 hours of ARC I would be the only archer mastered with this weapon, today I see that everyone can play bow and tank at any second, everyone can get the same items, perk, goals and do the same than me, even though I have different mechanics/ways to play. Making the game just another standard…

This silver weapon suggestion would be something to make each player a little more unique and valued… which is really the difference in creating a character’s story, Devaloka wars for example, we’re not talking about taking player A and player A player B. We’re talking about taking 10 tank’s, 10 healer’s, 10 axes. Because they are all mere soldiers who don’t need to be unique, after all, there’s no reason if everyone has practically the same build.

I hope that this silver weapon idea is evolved, it would be great to invest in my character and make him different from the others, even if it lasts 1 day, 1 month, 1 year, 1 patch.

@Luxendra Support us <3 and help the game be unique


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